Who we are

Founded in 2016, Tapits Technologies is a Fintech start up company which works towards financial inclusion and has developed innovative products and services under its brand, Fingpay. Fingpay enables the 1.12 Billion Aadhaar card holders in India to become a part of the Indian Banking and Financial system and helps them go cashless and paperless while making Payments or while accessing Loans, Insurance and financial products, just with touch of a finger.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Director and CEO

Director and CTO

Director and Mentor

Board of Directors
Sagar Deshpande

Sagar  Deshpande

Urvi Udeshi

Urvi  Udeshi

Pritesh Singh

Pritesh  Singh

Finny Jose

Finny  Jose

Arpit Patel

Arpit  Patel

Sai Baba

Sai  Baba

Manoja Viswamitra

Manoja  Cherukupalli

Shruthi Patlola

Shruthi  Patlola

Prasanna Akula

Prasanna  Akula

Ramya Tutiki

Ramya  Tutiki


Swathi  Lolla

Mounika Purma

Mounika  Purma

Hiranya Gopishetty

Hiranya  Gopishetty